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Woga® 1&2 (Yoga in Water) with Dariya

17 - 18 December 2022

A 2-day course.

Woga is the union of two words: water and yoga. It is based on yoga poses and stretches modified for warm water.

Water yoga is based on classic yoga poses and stretches, modified for standing in pool water, which is waist-to-chest high. You do not need to know how to swim.


Sessions are structured like their yoga equivalents on land: breathing, warm-up exercises, a series of poses, and a relaxation period. The difference is that you are in a warm water pool!

Focus of Woga 1&2 is Hatha Yoga in water (asanas in standing position, on the wall, in floating position, and under water), pranayama and meditation.

Prerequisites: No previous experience required (also no need to know how to swim)..

Timings: 8.45 am – 6.00 pm

Price: ₹ 6,250

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Watsu® & OBA® Basic with Dariya & Daniel

19 - 24 December 2022

A course of 6 half days.

In this course, you will practice basic techniques and qualities (grounding, presence, stillness, movement, attention) of being and moving another body in water. You will experience floating other people and being floated, on the surface and under water, thereby creating space for deep relaxation and nurturing body, mind and spirit.


Participants in this course often appreciate the group space, which fosters deep, meaningful and nurturing connections.


Prerequisites: No previous experience required.

Timings: 1.00 pm – 6.00 pm

Price: ₹ 14,950

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Watsu® 1 (Transition Flow) with Dariya & Daniel

26 - 30 December 2022

A 5-day course on the surface only.

In this course you will be taught to connect the basic movements and positions you have learned in Watsu Basic with long, gracefully flowing transitions and to adapt this work to people of different sizes, shapes, and dispositions


You will also learn about your own body mechanics and how to support and move each person as effortlessly as possible.

On land, you will be introduced to both Co-Centering and Tantsu, and explore what being held means to you and others.


Prerequisites: Watsu Basic.

Timings: 8.45 am – 6.00 pm

Price: ₹ 17,950

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Watsu® Yoga Round with Fred & Roberto

2 January 2023

Watsu Yoga Round is a powerful tool for deep relaxation and inner peace. It focuses on listening to the body and presence; it represents a way to come back to our heart, to an inner silence that is fully alive and vibrant. It is an invitation to feel, awaken and celebrate the energy of our being.

When immersed in warm water during the Watsu Yoga Round, the body does not suffer from the effects of gravity; the flow of movements and stretching alternated with moments of stillness invite a progressive well-being: body and mind become free to dance!

Prerequisites: No previous experience required (also no need to know how to swim).

Timings: 3.00 – 6.00 pm

Price: ₹ 500

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